Shipboard ADCP Checkout
        Once the ADCP computer is configured, start data collection at the dock and complete the following from the DAS screen:
Cruise Name: _________________    Checked and edited 9908xxxx.cnf?(Y/N)_______

Edited state.dat?(Y/N)_______   position.dat ok?(Y/N)_______

Computer Date:____________________Computer Time:________________   GMT?(Y/N)__________

Local Date:_______________________ Local  Time:___________________

What is typical dt = GPS time - computer time? ________________   ( in gray, dt: 1,0   for example )

Is the time correction being made by the navigation userexit?________

Gyro heading (in white ): ____________       Is Gyro heading updating? (Y/N): _______

Gyro heading on bridge: _______                   Do Gyro and bridge heading match?(Y/N)______

Ash-gyro (in gray)____________                   Is Ash-gyro updating ?(Y/N): ________

Latitude:___________________ Longitude:________________    Is position updating?(Y/N)_______

Disk file name:__________________  Space/Time remaining on disk:___________________

Estimated Cruise Duration:_______    Enough Time Remaining on Disk at 1Mb/day?(Y/N)__________

From Diagnostic (DG) menu:

Transducer Serial No.:_____ Profiler Software Version: _____   Short?(Y/N)____ Long?(Y/N)_____

  From Direct Command (DC) menu:

List direct commands: ___________  _____________   _____________ ____________

**IMPORTANT** From the Data Processing (DP) menu:

Calculate sound speed velocities from Temp/Salinity?(Y/N)______

If planning to use autoadcp, test that it is correctly setup by hitting any key - check that the watchdog does timeout, the computer reboots, the DAS runs, and AutoPing on Startup occurs.
When the DAS starts, you should see it send the direct commands. Timeout?(Y/N)_____Reboot?(Y/N)______DAS?(Y/N)______ Direct commands sent?(Y/N)_______Autoping on startup?(Y/N)________

PLAYBACK: Playback your test file. Is navigation present in buffer?(Y/N)_____