Picture of Channel Islands,  by Jamie Holte

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Welcome to the CalCOFI ADCP Digital Atlas

The CalCOFI ADCP Program resulted in a decade of shipboard acoustic Doppler current profiling of upper ocean currents off southern and central California conducted as part of the quarterly cruises of the California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CALCOFI).

This "Digital Atlas" presents plots of the data at two standard depths, links to the full dataset at NODC JASADCP, and an analysis of the data (objective mapping) to produce a velocity streamfunction consistent with geostrophy (Chereskin and Trunnell, JGR, 1996).

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Graphical images are provided as .pdf and .jpg files that can be used in the preparation of written publications, web sites and electronic presentations. The source of the images should be acknowledged as "From the CalCOFI ADCP Digital Atlas". Full citation information:
Chereskin, T.K., 2008. CalCOFI ADCP Digital Atlas.

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